Tired of looking at your company information in the rearview mirror? Discover the SAP Analytics Cloud and explore predictive analytics functionality with just 1 click.

How about creating your own dashboards and indicators? And better yet, reading information from SAP S/4HANA in real time, without additional loads or processing? With SAP Analytics Cloud you meet all demands in a quick and easy manner to implement.

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    What is the ERP of your company?


    Stop looking for analytics solutions, SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) is a complete and 100% cloud solution for Business Intelligence and Corporate Planning.

    It offers a range of analytics capabilities, allowing for quick decision-making, in addition to having insights that incorporate technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence and predictive analytics.

    With SAP Analytics Cloud you can manage and bring your data to life, simply connecting with different data sources. You can still use the same data source in different applications and stories within the SAC, in a very dynamic and interactive way.


    Create a complete visual analysis of your business and end the need for reporting! It is much more productivity and efficiency in your business.

    At Coopersap we develop BI and Planning solutions using the SAP Analytics Cloud, in addition to offering training for better use of the tool for end users and IT.

    Did you like the idea, but still don’t have the SAP Analytics Cloud to test it out? Contact us! At Coopersap we have a SAC environment where we can make prototypes and innovation projects together with you.


    Result and Gross Profit Dashboard:

    Creation of responsive stories in SAP Analytics Cloud with real-time connection to HANA Views. The project provided online tracking of the company’s numbers and significantly improved decision-making in relation to commercial agreements and pricing strategies.

    Client: Casa di Conti
    Engaged team: SAC Consultants
    Project delivered in June/2020


    At Coopersap we have a SAC environment where we can make prototypes and innovation projects together with you.

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